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Azienda Agricola RICCARDO FERRI

It all started with an exchange of words with my father, "Dad, for years manufacture machines and plants for the production of olive oils and olive oil.
We are now the industry leader, we have reached a very high level of satisfaction Italian and foreign customers, in how we present, we produce, we provide technical assistance to mills and we never thought we pridurre an oil that only your fifty years of experience and my twenty years in the knowledge of machines, working to ensure other than the product that were quite different from common products! "
And so after a while was born:" The Farm RICCARDO FERRI

Manufactured in limited quantities , the oil can be distinguished from each other for the way in which it is produced.
olives after being washed and defoliated are pressed into millstones, the dough is kneaded at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° and the by mechanical pressing is maintaining the same temperature.
The product contains solid particles and water vegetation. Oil separation is not done with the use of centrifuges (which create overheating of the product), but it is done electronically obtained manually decanting delprodotto special weekly.
You should eat it raw on toasted bread, vegetables, salads , fish or meat.
Any residue in the bottom of the cans or bottles guarantee the authenticity of the product.